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Re-circulation module


Re-circulation module

How it works

The Recirculation module is the hub of the BLABO® system and plays a central role in every part of the cleaning process. Its primary functions are to handle the pre-separation of the sludge and pressure boost to the cleaning nozzles.

If needed, heating of the sludge can be carried out in this module to ease the process flow.

A user-friendly touch panel controls the main components in this module.

Pictures of the Recirculation module

Recirculation module : This view inside the Recirculation module shows the three hydrocyclones which perform the pre-separation. The main components in the Recirculation module are the heat exchanger, hydrocyclones and booster pump.


P Hairpin pipe : The special hairpin pipe is designed to transfer cleaning fluid over the tank wall, down to the floating roof. The pipe connects the Recirculation module to the tank cleaning nozzles..