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How it Works



How BLABO works - Module by Module

The BLABO® system for tank cleaning and oil recovery is composed of a number of 20-foot containerised process modules. Depending on the system configuration and the scope of the job, between two to four containerised process modules will be needed.

The modules stand on the ground beside the tank. They contain the equipment required for desludging, recirculating media and separating sludge.

Click on the buttons below to view a brief description of each of the BLABO® modules, including the key components of each module and their individual function within the overall process.

Click - oil storage tank
Click - BLABO suction module
Click - BLABO recirculation module
Click - BLABO skimming module
Click - BLABO skimming module

You may also need auxiliary equipment such as:

  • office/workshop container
  • office/workshop container
  • power generator
  • inert gas generator etc.