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In HSE we recognize that as an organization which regulates health and safety in other workplaces, we must lead by example. It is our staff who delivers our business goals and we attach great importance to ensuring the continued health, safety, welfare and development of our workforce and to minimize the distress and disruption caused by any injuries or work related illness which may occur.

In 2014, we produced a three-year framework setting out key themes for development to continue to build on our positive health and safety culture.

Over the last 12 months we have continued to deliver against those objectives and are seeing a continued improvement in performance. I would like to thank all of the team mentioned in this report and those staff that undertake essential roles as first aiders, fire wardens, DSE administrators and assessors among others for playing a vital part in the management of health and safety across the organization.

A positive health and safety culture needs to be at the core of every successful organization, HSE is no exception to that.


HSE Manager.


HSE is committed to providing its employees with safe conditions of work and has effective management arrangements in place to ensure the well-being of staff and others who may be affected by our activities. Our aim is to minimize the adverse impacts to individuals and the business from ill health and injury.


The HSE Senior Management Team leads on improving health and safety and monitors progress regularly. This is achieved through:

  • Advice from the higher management on the overall direction of health and safety performance within HSE;
  • Consultation with site engineer and supervisors.
  • Competent advice from the Health and Safety Advisor
  • The actions of the HSE coordinators and supervisor who support activity and oversight of the local health and safety issues.
  • Line Managers fulfilling their roles and responsibilities for health and safety, and
  • The Human Resources Directorate who organize health and safety training and manage the occupational health contract.

Planning and implementation

  • The annual health and safety plan is based on a Framework for Health and Safety Management agreed by the CEO. This confirmed our risk-based health and safety objectives for 2011 to 2014.
  • The framework is implemented via the annual corporate plan for health and safety.
  • Based on the number of incidents known to have occurred in HSE and on an assessment of the potential for harm to staff, the following priority areas were identified for action in the 2011-2014 corporate plan:
    • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) related ill health,
    • Work related road risk
    • Lone working and site visits, and Work related stress.

Planning and implementation

These priority areas are in addition to routine day to day health and safety management activities.

Advice and support

  • The primary health and safety advice is provided by the Health and Safety Advisor's Unit, who provide support on all aspects of health and safety at work for staff based in HSE offices.
  • The Health and Safety Advisor's Unit are supported business that provides the first point of contact for any health and safety issues which arise. This important role provides extra support and advice at a regional level and assists managers in discharging their health and safety responsibilities.

Helath and Safety Training

Health and safety training is organized either by Human Resources Directorate & HSE Manager, or via Civil Service Learning. Training is provided as below:

#Training NamePeriodDateParticipate No
1 First Aid & CPR at work 80 Hr 08-07-2013 40 Person
2 Emergency Response Team 12 Hr 01-07-2013 44 Person
3 Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention 12 Hr 01-07-2013 44 Person
4 System Scaffolding and design 20Hr 19-06-2013 70 Person
5 PTW Completion Certificate (pA) 40 Hr 03-03-2013 50Person
6 Confined Space entry 30 Hr 10-07-2013 60 Person
7 Coating Painting inspection & Blast Cleaning 12 Hr 27-07-2013 20 Person
8 Gas inspection 12 Hr 15-07-2013 40Person
9 Rigging & panksman 10 Hr 21-01-2015 12 Person
10 Rapid rescue in oil and gas industrial 12 Hr 01-07-2013 80Person
11 ISO 14001 & 18001 30 Hr 08-09-2013 20 Person
12 Scaffolding inspector 30 Hr 07-07-2014 5 Person
13 Lifting equipment Awareness 10 Hr 0-08-2013 50 Person
14 Defensive drive training (DDT) 10 Hr 07-06-2013 36 Person
15 Safety passport training 8 Hr   All staff
16 Auto cad 30 Hr 20-09-2014 6 Person
17 Risk Assessment awareness (Level 2) 24 Hr 14-10-2013 28 Person
18 Work at heights 10 Hr 20-07-2013 50Person

All Staff, E-Learning:

  • DSE Training (mandatory)
  • DSE Self Assessment (mandatory)
  • Environmental Essentials
FATAL 0 0 0
OVER 3 DAYS 0 2 2
OVER 7 DAYS 0 1 1
TOTAL 6 18 21

Unsafe Condition:

Any condition in which potential to cause harm, injury, property damage, environmental damage etc. Poor housekeeping at workplace, adverse weather, and works without signboard are the examples of unsafe condition.

Unsafe Acts:

Any unsafe action in which may cause incident, accident, injury, property damage, environmental damage etc. Poor condition of tools used at workplace, working at height without used harness belt, violence, misbehaves, used of weapons etc..

Good Practices:

Providing Welfare facilities. Providing good conditions of equipment, safe environment to employees


1 Man Hours 565200 470800 4805002
2 No. of Fatalities 0 0 0
3 No. of industrial disabling incidents 0 0 0
4 No. of site inspection/audits 8 4 6
5 Recordable incident frequency rate 1.41 2.54 3.32
6 Day away from work rate 0.35 0.84 0.41
7 Process safety total incident rate. 0 0 0
8 No. of near misses 45 60 85
9 Property damage incidents(fire explosion) 0 1 1
10 No. of occupational illness cases 0 0 0
11 No. of major traffic accidents 0 0 0
12 No. of minor traffic incidents 0 0 0
13 Employees sick day frequency rate 0.0013 0.0045 0.005
14 No. of environmental incidents 0 0 0
15 No. of spills 0 0 0
16 No. of Trainings Hours 460 440 380
17 No. of Safety passports 360 420 440
18 No. of unsafe acts 150 170 220
19 No. of unsafe conditions. 100 120 180
20 No. of Tool box talks 900 850 720